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Hi, I’m Liz Rodriguez, a fitness expert who specializes in business coaching and virtual personal training.


After many years in fitness management and training, in 2016 I identified a real need for business coaching within the studio and boutique sides of the industry that were exploding in growth. I took the plunge and started my LLC, working with an array of small fitness business owners to help them maximize their time management, hiring, training and retention strategies.


In 2020, I observed another big shift in our industry, as it responded to pandemic protocols and challenges. It was no longer business as usual: my coaching and training clients needed different tools to work on their well-being and personal goals, so I became a board certified health and wellness coach, which has allowed me to offer a more comprehensive menu of coaching offerings, a vital expansion since we all know being a successful FitPro is not about only your career, but your life. It was also when I took my training business completely virtual to specialize in a different experience that wasn’t just about the exercises but the whole person.


Find out more about my background, my credentials, and what past clients have said about working with me.

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What kind of guidance and mentorship are you looking for?

Startup Studio

You are a FitPro in startup mode, opening up a studio or boutique fitness business. You need help creating your business plan, articulating your core values, and focusing your branding. 

Expansion Mode

You are a veteran business owner who wants to evolve your established business by adding additional revenue streams, but don’t know where to start or which direction fits best with your brand.

On Your Way

You’re looking to grow your business but feel bogged down with day-to-day training and operations. You seek coaching on how to maximize your time and build your brand.


You’re breaking away from paycheck employment to go out on your own. Now you want help defining yourself and your business, and coaching on how to handle all aspects of the business yourself.

Whether you fit into one of these FitPro boxes 
or have your very own box, I can help.

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What clients are saying

“With Liz’s guidance throughout our business coaching sessions together, I recognized areas how to make improvements in both myself and my small wellness business by using my strengths and facing my challenges. We partnered together to redefine my niche, focusing on what I value most. 

“I would definitely recommend Liz if you are feeling stuck and need some help making positive changes in your professional and personal life. I can’t thank her enough!”

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Kristi Johnson, Blue Skies Therapy

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Here’s just a few of the things I can help you with...

  • Defining and connecting your personal vision with your business goals

  • Helping you create marketing programs that target your desired demographic and clientele

  • Designing systems for better time management

  • Building an aspirational but realistic business plan—short term and long term

  • Developing best practices for cultivating, hiring and training new staff.

  • Coaching you on how to get it done day-to-day, freeing up more personal time

Find out more about how our coaching partnership works 

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What clients are saying

“I originally reached out to Liz with questions on how to evolve my Pilates teacher/studio owner brand. She helped bring clarity to not only my business goals with strategies, tactics, and timelines but also clarity about my needing balance in the other areas of my life—self-care, taking in culture and trying new things. I immediately felt more energy not only in my business but in my personal life.

“Liz helped me streamline my day-to-day operations so that I could make the most of my time as a solopreneur. She’s a great coach and accountability partner, as I continue to expand my brand more than I could imagine possible. I’m still a work in progress, and am loving Liz’s coaching!”

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Latest articles

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What clients are saying

“Liz is an absolute professional in the health and fitness field. She is organized, knowledgeable and personable. It has been a pleasure working with her to improve my business, specifically day-to-day operations as well as marketing.


“Her experience in the industry and ability to communicate effectively makes her a perfect fit keeping us moving forward!“

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Green Nature
Connecting with nature for me was always an end goal. I just didn’t know how to get there. When I started training and coaching virtually, I realized I could control the environment I was in. I could be camping and be on a call for work. I could be staring at beautiful scenery while conducting a virtual session. After all those years working inside “big box” clubs I finally escaped.

What are YOUR goals, and how can I help you reach them?

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