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I am a fitness expert who specializes in business coaching and virtual personal training.


For close to two decades, I’ve worked in the fitness business in Chicago, New York City, and Westchester County, NY, helping my clients—both personally and professionally—achieve their goals and enjoy continued growth.


In 2007, after two years as a personal trainer at a club in Chicago, I was promoted to fitness director, which led to many years of leading trainers, overseeing multiple departments, and developing new revenue streams at three major commercial fitness companies in top markets.


While I learned the key managerial lessons of how to be patient and hold my team accountable, the main lesson I learned is that the fitness business changes every day and that you need to be okay with constantly pivoting to stay relevant. Actually, not just “be okay.”


You need to learn how to thrive
in an ever-changing industry.


While I love the people aspect of leading and developing teams to help them reach their goals, I also love to create systems to streamline day to day tasks. For instance, I developed a trainer onboarding program to demonstrate how success is achieved in less than 60 days. I have also taught how to integrate and connect with new members, resulting in higher retention, and how to implement small-group training and low-fee member programs without cannibalizing the existing business’ main revenue departments. Always a hard balancing act, but very doable. 


In 2016, I identified a real need for business coaching within the studio and boutique sides of the industry that were exploding in growth. I took the plunge and started my LLC, working with an array of small fitness business owners to help them maximize their time management, hiring, training and retention strategies. Perhaps most important, in terms of business results in a crowded field, is brand positioning.

I focus on helping business owners build brands that represent their personal values while maximizing visibility to their target audience.  

At the same time I was coaching business owners to learn new strategies and build a successful marketing and branding program, I began working on the executive team at the Fitness Business Association as its Video Communications Manager and Member Service Director. In this role, I am producing and editing sponsor-related content including webinars, case studies and video tips, as well as working with members on getting the most out of their FBA membership. This gives me an ever-current, eye-opening view into what issues FitPros are facing in various regions across the country.  


In 2020, I observed another big shift in our industry, as it responded to pandemic protocols and challenges. It was no longer business as usual: my coaching and training clients needed different tools to work on their well-being and personal goals. So I became a board-certified health and wellness coach, which has allowed me to offer a more comprehensive menu of coaching offerings, a vital expansion since we all know being a successful FitPro is not about only your career, but your life. It was also when I took my training business completely virtual to specialize in a different experience that wasn’t just about the exercises but the whole person.


The more help you can get with both your career
and your life, the more successful you will be.


I have long believed in inspiring the professionals I work with through servant leadership. My mission is to help my clients, both personally and professionally, achieve their professional goals and have continued growth.


I currently reside in the midwest, coaching and virtually training clients all over the U.S. at the times that work best for them.


  • MBA • Leadership and Change Management

  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

  • Bachelor of Science • Exercise Science

  • Bachelor of Arts • Public Relations

  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Power Pilates Full Studio Certified Instructor

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1

  • Functional Range Conditioning Specialist

  • Functional Movement Systems Certified Level 1

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