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As FitPros go out on their own to become entrepreneurs,
a pressing issue becomes how to get “the other stuff” done. 


A typical business owner will have training sessions sprinkled throughout the day and, depending on the setup of your physical space, bills to pay and operations to attend to in order to ensure proper site upkeep is done. The last thing on your list is thinking strategically about how to gain more clients, developing another revenue stream, or pondering what your brand is and how to strengthen it.  


You know well the drill for training someone: that session takes an hour, possibly with a little bit of prep prior. And then you move on to the next session. But how do you tackle laying out a business plan, working on videos for a website, or creating a lead generation strategy? There often seems to be no clear cut answer on how long it will take, or where you’ll find the time to do these important activities. 


I have faced and solved those issues working with numerous busy FitPros as we figure out together how to put effort into areas you are not comfortable with. 


Whether it’s helping with hiring and training new staff, building a business plan or helping with how to gain new clients, I am the person who can get you there.

Why hire a coach?


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How our coaching relationship

We start with an exploratory phone call to assess your business and where you feel you need help.

  • From there, I can lay out a few scenarios for how we can work together based on the scope and areas you want to work on.

  • We set up a contract to work together that outlines your expectations and my responsibilities and begin working together!

  • Some clients may only have one main area to work on and coaching only takes a few sessions. I coach others for several months, based on their more complex needs and goals, similar to how trainers personalize training for clients’ needs.


Working together, we might focus on:

Connecting your personal brand with your business

Defining your unique selling proposition is key to digging into how you grew your business to where it is and where you want it to go. 

  • We will ask and answer:

    • Who are you? What do you offer and why? (your unique selling proposition)  

    • What are your motivations for what you do? 

    • What do your clients say about you? 

    • How do you differ from your competition? How are you similar to them?

Devising a rock-solid business plan and carrying it out


  • Once you have established who you are, we can dive into working backwards from 6 months to a year out and set milestones based on how you want to grow and what you can realistically get done on a month to month, week to week, and daily basis.

  • I can work with you to create systems for day-to-day operations, training manuals for new hires, and other materials that will carry best practices throughout your organization.

Creating marketing strategies to increase your business and income 

  • Now that we know how you want to scale your business we can create strategies that tie into your personal brand that will attract the clients and staff you want to work with, as well as establish alternate revenue streams to grow your business.

  • I can assist you in creating blogs, newsletters and videos for your business marketing.

  • I meet people where they are in regards to comfort level when it comes to leveraging social media or in-person forms of marketing.

How it works
Case studies
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What clients are saying

Kristi Johnson Circle.png


Blue Skies Therapy

“With Liz’s guidance throughout our business coaching sessions together, I recognized areas how to make improvements in both myself and my small wellness business by using my strengths and facing my challenges. We partnered together to redefine my niche, focusing on what I value most. 


I would definitely recommend Liz if you are feeling stuck and need some help making positive changes in your professional and personal life. I can’t thank her enough!”

“Liz is an absolute professional in the health and fitness field. She is organized, knowledgeable and personable. It has been a pleasure working with her to improve my business, specifically day-to-day operations as well as marketing. 


Her experience in the industry and ability to communicate effectively makes her a perfect fit keeping us moving forward!”

Kelly Nyhan of Connect3.png



“I originally reached out to Liz with questions on how to evolve my Pilates teacher/studio owner brand. She helped bring clarity to not only my business goals with strategies, tactics, and timelines but also clarity about my needing balance in the other areas of my life—self-care, taking in culture and trying new things. I immediately felt more energy not only in my business but in my personal life. 


Liz helped me streamline my day to day operations so that I could make the most of my time as a solopreneur. She’s a great coach and accountability partner, as I continue to expand my brand more than I could imagine possible. I’m still a work in progress, and am loving Liz’s coaching!” 

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