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​Working virtually with me allows you to train regardless of location, ability or goals. I work with clients in an array of training styles and bring a background of not just personal training, but nutrition and health coaching to work on all aspects of your health and fitness program.

Read below to find out more about how our training relationship works. And check out my articles on virtual training, personal development, and nutrition on my blog.


How our training

I create customized programs so that my clients see results and also make fitness a part of their daily lives. 

We start with a phone call to create a plan based on what your goals are. I lay out a timeline on how long it will take and we then set a schedule of days and times that we will work together.


Next we do a trial video session.

A trial session helps me get a clear picture of your space and equipment (whether it be your home or your local gym) and helps you troubleshoot any device and audio issues to ensure the best experience during each session. 


We formalize our training relationship.

Once these set-up issues are addressed and goals are set, we formalize our training relationship with a Google doc agreement which outlines costs, schedules, and your goals. 

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What clients are saying

“I’ve been working with Liz for a little over three years, both via in-person and virtual training. Liz is extremely knowledgeable in a wide range of training styles, and is always eager to learn more and share it with her clients. I started training with Liz with a few physical and medical limitations that were keeping me from my various fitness goals. Liz developed a plan for me not just to work around those limitations, but rather work to improve them. I’ve worked with other trainers in the past who would become hyper- focused on one aspect of my fitness journey, whereas Liz has looked at the larger picture of my lifestyle, daily routine, medical history, hobbies and ALL my fitness goals. Not only is she a great trainer, but she is also a great friend!”

—Jaclyn B.

“Liz looks at the larger picture.”

“Liz has been an extraordinary help to me both mentally and physically. She has addressed areas of pain that a physical therapist could not do. She is always upbeat and respectful. She is experienced in addressing an older population, something that most trainers can’t do. Liz has gotten me stronger and pain-free. I would highly recommend her to any age group, and have done so in the past.”


—Elizabeth C.

“I would highly recommend Liz to any age group.”

“I started working with Liz after the pandemic. I was extremely unmotivated and frustrated with the weight I gained. I didn’t want to go back to a gym and was connected through a friend. She was patient and thorough in why I wanted to work out and what I wanted to accomplish. Our workouts were easy to understand and she also would spend time asking me about changes I was making with my nutrition and water intake. She slowly increased the intensity of our workouts and soon I was seeing great results! But even more so, I found my motivation again and have kept the weight off. Liz is awesome!”

—Lisa P.

“Soon I was seeing great results. Liz is awesome!”

“Working with Liz was life changing. I had not been engaged in health-centered physical activity for many years. Liz identified my strengths to build on those before working on my weaknesses. This approach built my self-confidence and made it possible for me to integrate healthy activities into my routine quickly.


During the 2+ years since training with Liz my strength, stamina and physical awareness improved to the point where I felt confident enough to add yoga and Pilates to my routine without having practiced either before working with Liz. Liz ’s ability to help me understand how my body works made a difference in how I carry myself every day. If you want to build a better self, Liz is the trainer to make that possible.”

—Sol S.

“If you want to build a better self, Liz is the trainer to make that possible.”

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