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5 Hacks to Spice Up Your Productivity

February has hit and you can finally get out from behind the cloud of January.

January in fitness never ceases to amaze me. The schedule is usually different due to new clients starting, traffic patterns changing, and overall there just seems to be more “stuff” that seems to hit you each and every day. It’s a bit like being on a vacation for 30 days… except you are working on this vacation while everyone around you is having a good time!

February is a time to #regroup and #stepback. Use the steps below as a guide to help you refocus your energy for month #2!

5 hacks you can actually get behind

  1. What Did You Learn Write down any key takeaways you learned in January, especially if you are a new business and this is your first January. Or maybe in January, you branched out and tried a new marketing strategy. Your notes could also capture something unrelated, such as you switched up your own patterns of when you got to the studio, when you were working from your computer, or maybe you rearranged equipment for the new year! What were the results of these changes?

  2. Good Surprises Start with the good stuff! Celebrate any wins of new clients, a program that took off, or you added virtual training and it created a whole new revenue stream.

  3. Not So Good Surprises These are inevitable, yes? Take a step back regarding any bad surprises. This is not the time to beat yourself up on anything. We do such a great job of end-of-year summaries and writing up what we want to accomplish. But taking stock each month of any bad surprises allows you to realize what has failed and how to do better next month.

  4. What To Implement Now that you have taken a step back, what are some things you'd like to implement with regard to any changes? It could be as simple as changing your check-in process, diversifying what you put in your monthly newsletter, or maybe changing a product you have in your studio. Small changes that you continue to implement will help alleviate any of the bad surprises from the previous month.

  5. Three Things Think of three things you wish you had time for. It could be making more time for your team, getting in your own workouts, or just managing how much time you spend on the computer during your workday. Take the top wish on your list and dive into how you can make this change in the following month. Writing down a) why this change is important and b) how could it change your day to day life will make a big difference in you making it happen.

I hope these #hacks are things that will transform your business in the year to come.

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