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3 Ways to Forge a New Identity When You Go Out on Your Own

I have a confession to make…my identity as a leader and now entrepreneur did not emerge until much later in my career.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You work in the same club or gym for years. You get to know every member and client. You move up to management and do super well. Your revenue grows, you build your team, and even manage to bring in revenue in other ways such as supplements or small group training.

And then decide to leave that job to start out on your own with a small group of loyal training followers.

You think this is it: I have some revenue coming in, and I’ll just build my business from here! You sit down to write a business plan and… literally you’ve got nothing.

In your former job, you were good at getting to know THEIR business, not your own. And that’s totally okay. I worked in commercial fitness for a total of 17 years, 12 with one company and I was at one club for a DECADE! When it came to separating myself, it was really hard. My identity was there. Everything that was familiar was there.

So here are 3 things I did to forge my new identity…

  1. I looked at trends that were happening in the industry at the time. Even if I couldn’t leverage all of them, was there one trend that spoke to me? That I could become a speciality in?

  2. I looked at my surroundings. I was working out of a studio space that I paid to rent. There were other businesses in the same space, so I approached them to find out what they might want. Could they leverage my studio for workouts during the day? And what piqued their interest regarding small group options?

  3. I took some time to think about my personal strengths. I knew I was very structured and organized, I was a great public speaker, I know how to break things down when it came to fitness and working out, and I have a passion for talking fitness business. Well, now you see why I've made a success of Liz Rodriguez #Coaching!

I suggest you to take these 3 things (trends, surroundings, strengths) and do this exercise for yourself. You aren’t going to figure out everything right now, but this will allow some creativity to start brewing. And who knows where that'll take you?

Good luck!

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