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How Do I Continue to Evolve As a Brand?

This article discusses how to stay true to your brand as you continue to grow and change as a business.

Businesses grow and change. They evolve. They stay relevant. But sometimes the changing part can feel confusing. How do you stay true to how you started when you know you need to change with the times?

Below is a list of things to think about as you begin to make these changes.

Tip #1 - Define your brand

This may seem silly or redundant, but you must know where you are starting from in order to know where you are going. As a check-in for those who have, does it still resonate? Keep it simple. What is you main mission for your business? From there, how does each part of what you do fit into that mission? Many companies also add in an actual mission statement and core values. Create what is right for you. But make sure that when you read it, you get a feel right away for who YOU are. This is about setting yourself apart and giving yourself a clear vision forward.

Tip #2 - What are your long-term goals

Most of us go into a business having certain goals. And as we grow the business, these goals inevitably will change. We would love to say that we reach all of these milestones, but sometimes instead the business goes in a different direction, or other areas begin to do better than expected. It's important to check in monthly, quarterly, and then at year's end on your goals. We can't plan for everything, but we can continue to move the needle forward on what can be accomplished, and what changes you want to put into place. When you do it on more of a regular basis, it makes it easier to make those small changes, which will help you realize longer and larger term goals.

"If people believe they share values with a company they will stay loyal to a brand" – Howard Schultz

Tip #3 - How will you stay relevant?

Every industry is constantly changing, and there are those things that will stay the same. As your business grows and changes, will it continue to stay relevant? This isn't about making every change that your competitors make. We don't want to be chasing everyone else. But, this is an opportunity to take stock in what is happening in your industry and what makes sense for you. Not only that, but what you are able to do, and what is within your model.

Tip #4 - Why are your clients and customers with you?

This one definitely ties into the last tip. Listen to your raving fans. Why do they continue to come back to you and not go somewhere else? I find this also helps me to reinforce my overall mission and values. If my best customers aren't displaying what my original goals were, something is probably off. And on the flip side, these are the people who will help to shape what decisions you make as you move forward in your business.

Staying True to Yourself

The bottom line is about building a brand and business that speaks to your mission and vision. Changing and evolving is part of us all, and businesses need to be living and breathing just like us. We need to allow them to change, but we also need to ensure we stay true to how we started, and why we were successful in the first place. Defining and evolving your brand is part of being a successful business owner. I hope you found this helpful!

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