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How to Hone Your Creativity; 75 Ideas But Where to Start?

When you just need a little direction on how to use harness your creativity for your business and brand.

I have a confession to make…my creative side literally did not emerge until much later in my career. Tell me if this sounds familiar. You work in the same club or gym for years. You get to know every member and clients. You move up to management and do super well. Revenue grows, you build your team, and even manage to bring in revenue in other ways such as supplements or small group training. You leave that job to start out on your own with a small group of loyal training followers. You think this is it, I have some revenue coming in, and I’ll just build my business from here! You sit down to write a business plan and…literally you’ve got nothing. You were so good in one place getting to know THEIR business, not your own. And first off, that’s totally okay.

When it came to separating myself from the companies that I worked for (and thrived in), it was really hard. My identity was there, everything that was familiar was there. In order to find my own creative voice, I did the following…

I looked at trends that were happening in the industry at the time.

Regardless of when you start your business, trends in fitness mean something. They drive what consumers are looking for and talking about. During the time that I launched in 2016, the top trends were wearable technology, body weight training, high intensity interval training, exercise and weight loss, and yoga. Even if I couldn’t leverage all of them, was there one trend that spoke to me? And from there, how could I apply that trend? Regardless of how you apply, being up to date on trends is important. It's what your audience is reading about and hearing about. How can you align yourself with those trends.

I looked at my surroundings.

I was working out a studio space that I paid rent in. At the time, there weren't any small studios or gyms very close to the the space. But there were other businesses in our building, so I approached them. Were they interested in having fitness options for early morning or lunch time work hours? What types of workouts or classes intrigued them? I also had an advantage that when they built the building, they added showers and lockers along with bike storage to encourage people to change their commute to work. I wound up starting some small group strength and Pilates classes for 2 of the companies in the building. This could also translate to creating neighborhood workout groups, partnering with local businesses, or simply expanding your in home footprint for training.

"Creative thinking is not about generating something new from a blank slate, but rather taking what is already present and combining those bits and pieces in a way that has not been done previously." – Writer James Clear

I took some time to think about my personal strengths.

I also used this as a time to take a step back and think about what I brought to the table. I was very structured and organized, I was a great public speaker, I knew how to break things down when it came to fitness and working out, and I have a passion for talking about fitness business. Well, now you see why I am doing what I’m doing now! I started to take these strengths and apply them towards how to run both my own business and others like mine in the industry. This helped me to create pain points that I identified as areas people needed help with for their fitness business.

We all have creative bones in our bodies; sometimes we just need to find them.

I want you to take these 3 things I just spoke about (trends, surroundings, strengths) and do this exercise for yourself. You aren’t going to figure out everything right now, but this will allow some creativity to start brewing. Good luck!

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