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The New Year’s Rush is Over….Now What?! #NomoreJanuaryChallenges

Inevitably we all do it. We use the same hacks we have used every New Year in order to drive traffic. We did challenges, we e-blasted a few times each week, we maybe even sold some new products to drive traffic and attract a different demographic or clientele. Overall, we changed how we usually conduct business on a regular month. And now January and February are over. So, how are you marketing to new clients moving forward?

Here’s how to market to new clients:

  1. Take a step back and think about who you were marketing to in the first 2 months of the year.

  2. Write down all of the characteristics of the person who responded and signed up for what you were offering.

  3. This is important because inevitably you are going to lose a proportion of the clients you gained the first six weeks of the year who just came in for a quick fix.

  4. Now compare who responded to your ideal longterm client. Does it line up?

  5. If it doesn't, you are not alone. Sometimes we get so caught up in making January “something” that we forget who we are as a brand and just try to claw for new leads and clients.

  6. Now, make a list of everything you want in terms of who your target demographic is.

  7. What would THAT person want to hear in a marketing pitch based on what they probably did fitness wise in January? Think of the nitty gritty stuff.

  8. Take that target demographic and choose one platform to market what you came up with.


Keep it simple in terms of platform while continuing to keep the emphasis on who you are marketing to.

Congrats! You just set up a new micro marketing plan for the month of March!

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