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4 Questions to Help You Figure Out Your Brand

For those who struggle to put together a catchy elevator pitch, here are 4 powerful questions to help you discover what makes your brand special.

If you have worked within the fitness industry as a trainer or coach, it’s inevitable that you’ve been asked at least a few dozen times what sets you apart, what your elevator pitch is, or even, what your brand stands for.

My trainers would cringe when it came to naming and describing their brand, an exercise I used in their development sessions in order to help them create a mini business within the club that they were working at. It allowed them to not only create a hyper focus on who they were as fitness professionals, but it also made them choose a path in regards to where they wanted to grow and specialize.

A previous colleague of mine would use the plumber analogy when trainers would push back against finding a niche or creating an individual brand. They would say, imagine you are looking for a plumber. You see advertisements for the one who specializes in luxury and elegance. Another one will be the best price no matter what. Yet another one boasts they are the best at everything. That doesn’t really tell you much about them does it?

You are not pigeonholing yourself by creating a niche or specific brand. You are telling people who you are. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Question #1 - What are things that bring me joy?

This may seem like a silly question to start with. But it allows you a moment to close your eyes and truly think about what makes you smile. What gets you out of bed in the morning, what are those activities that you love to do? What are your favorite moments to relive?

Question #2 - What do I want to be spending my time doing?

Many of us get into fitness because we love it. BUT, what else is it that you enjoy doing? What do you get excited about when you think about the weekend? These are also things that allow you to find flow in your life, those moments when you lose track of time and are in the a groove.

Question#3 - What makes me feel creative? What activities allow me to feel alive, to get into flow, and get me excited?

Tapping into your creativity is important no matter what your profession is in life. It allows you to step away from the daily activities you are used to and gets you out of your comfort zone.

Question #4 - What are other things I would like to accomplish? What are some of the things I would like to do in this lifetime?

These can be goals for the next 6 months or over the next decade. What is it that you are working towards? I encourage you to write down both personal and professional as how they are accomplished will more than likely be intertwined.

Congrats! You just gave answers to questions that allow you a chance to really see yourself, and separate yourself from your work and career. How does that fit into who you are as a fitness professional? Try this exercise out to become more in tune with who you are and how that can build into a brand.

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