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So What's Your Plan?

Ever feel like you're just spinning your wheels when it comes to growing your business? Read on for tips on where to start!

I’ve been planning pretty much since high school. I planned to get better at running so I went to camp and created methods to help me gain competition over my peers. I would get up every morning without fail and run 6 days a week from the age of 16 until I was 22 years old. Running was the first real driving force in my life that taught me patience, discipline and the importance of structure.

"Plan your work and work your plan." Napolean Hill

That carried me through college where I double majored and finished with a 3.5 GPA. Those tools were with me when I began as a personal trainer working 7 days a week and learning how to train people, sell, commute to Chicago and earn a paycheck that was 100% commission. And it allowed me to create systems when I was a Fitness Director that resulted in hitting goals month after month, but more importantly, building a team of trainers who had a structured program to allow for their personal success.

This was a very long introduction to say, what is your plan? As a business owner or individual brand, it’s crucial that you always know where you are going. Many times I get a coaching client that is struggling to progress their business, but when I ask about weekly goals or a business plan, there is usually a long pause.

You all are busy, I get it! But without a plan to know where you are going, how will you move forward? Below are a few things to help you get a little more structure to your goals and business plan…

What Is Your Number One Focus?

What is your number one area that you want to grow with your business? It’s tempting to want to go in many directions, but again, we want to start small. Compare it to new training clients coming in wanting to run a marathon, hike a mountain and also lose thirty pounds in the first few months. We may chuckle at that, but that’s like comparing a business owner who wants to hire three people, double their income and start a new department in three months. Focus on just one solid goal and from there, we can peel back the layers of everything that can go into making that goal happen in a reasonable amount of time.

How Will You Get There?

What is everything you can think of that it will take to get there? Get into the weeds on this one. Let’s say that one goal is to add a new revenue stream, which I discuss in a case study here. Do you need to hire someone to do that? What tools or equipment do you need to purchase? Have you created a revenue stream like this before? You won’t be able to foresee everything, but you can begin to map out what it will take to start to work towards and accomplish this goal.

Work Backwards...

Most of my business clients work off of six month goals that we create targets to hit each month, and then set mini goals for each week. What do you need to do first? Keep things simple and also be realistic in how much time you want to spend each week working towards this goal.

This may seem like a very simplistic way of setting up a plan of action for your goals. Think back to the last time you accomplished a long-term goal. I’ll come back to my running career. My goal by my senior year was to run at 5K (3.1 miles) at 6:00 minute mile pace. There were dozens of workouts and hundreds of miles that went into that goal. But at the end of the day, I needed to lace up and run each day in order to get there. Little steps can lead to big progress.

This may lead you to think about your organization skills, which I would encourage you to check out my article on that here. Good luck with creating your plan, and I am always here to help if you need assistance getting started!

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