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What Social Media Should I Be Using For My Business?

When the struggle is real on choosing where to put your energy with social media platforms...

I want to be up front in this article in that social media is still this strange component in my life. It is a parallel to how I felt in junior high when I had to start talking to boys and I was terrible at it. I suffered through it, took cues from those around me, and sort of fell in line.

Yes, I can say that I am "of the age" of small business owners who do not enjoy being on social media, and would rather just "talk to people". Says everyone in the fitness industry over 25 years old. When Facebook popped up during my junior year in college, it was this strange new phenomenon. I remember SCANNING in pictures to post online from my printer/copier/scanner. Okay, enough reminiscing of what it was like growing up as the first of the millennials.

When it comes to social media, you have to approach it like anything else in your business. How is this going to benefit me, and how does it fit into my brand? I actually wrote an entire case study that breaks down how I helped one of my clients create a marketing plan based both on her business as well as what she was comfortable doing. At the end of the day, we needed to create a strategy to help boost her new product she developed and direct more traffic to her YouTube channel.

Who are you trying to reach?

This is a perfect first question to ask yourself. Who is your target audience, and where can you find them? Is it older adults that you can target through local neighborhood or charity events in person? Or are you going to use Facebook ads to connect with moms between the ages of 35 and 45? First and foremost, you must define who your ideal client is, and then think about social media from their point of view.

What is your end goal?

I was just having this conversation during a coaching call with one of my clients this week. Is your end goal to create a new revenue stream online and have an extra 5,000 followers? Or are you simply looking to add a few more one-on-one clients to your roster? This also plays a role in where you are putting your effort.

Personally, my main goal is to continue to grow my one-on-one coaching by adding 1-2 more businesses, but also add some small group coaching to build community amongst women in fitness. Those would be very different approaches online since it's two very different types of coaching.


Above all, there is no one size fits all to social media. Keep it simple by really defining who your target audience is, and then decide what your goals are. This will help you build a framework with where to start.

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